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"E - motion"

Potter Morgan Crystal colour overlay bowl (thick clear crystal inside), 17 x 9cm - Drill engraved and sandblasted both inner and outer surfaces.

This piece was on show at the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge in the "21st Century Engraved Glass" exhibition and at Zest Gallery, London.


Featured in "The Book of Forgotten Crafts"

Drill engraved and sandblasted cased bowl, transparent colour outer, opaque colour inner, clear inbetween. This has been engraved through the layers both inside and out.

This piece was exhibited in Zest Gallery, London
size: 8.5" x 5" (blower : Adam Aaronson)

engraved hand blown bowl.


“We, The Human, have a quality of being insouciant regarding the future well-being of our exclusive, fragile and vital planet” Lesley Pyke.

Hand engraved lead crystal raw cullet (polished edges) Recently at the 21st century Engraved Glass Exhibition 2017


"A Pot Of Summer" , this is a hand blown, large crystal honey pot with lid and dipper. The lid has a colour twist in the handle. It is one of only 2 that I commissioned to be hand blown for me to engrave.
I have hand engraved daisies all around and underneath and a honey bee on one of the flowers.
Signed by myself and the glass blower, Steve Bradley
Was on exhibition: VESSELS at Vessel Gallery London. SOLD USA



"Children of Lir"

Crystal overlay disk (20cm diameter) by Neil Wilkin . I have hand carved by hand (with drill) through the colour. The stand is custom made wrought iron. It depicts the sadness of this famous Irish legend. For further information click on the story HERE




hand blown glass bowl (Ian Bamforth), almost black over clear, stage sandblast. 28cm x 6cm . £395.00

Tree of Life II SOLD

Lead crystal disc, blue over clear overlay, glass blower Ian Mc Donald.

Drill and sandblast both sides. Wrought iron base.



"Segmented" £240

Experimental, carved and engraved, sandblast and drill engraved with gold leaf . size: 7" x 1.5" (glass blower Ian Bamforth)

"Georgian Dragon" SOLD USA APRIL 2017

Lead crystal hand blown authentic reproduction Georgian style glass, circa 1710, large balluster. Drill engraved. Signed by the blower and myself.

This piece was recently in the National Exhibition of The Guild of Glass Engravers, Stourbridge (during the International Festival of Glass 2012) and Zest Gallery, London, Winter Glasscape Exhibition.

Glass made by Georgian Glass Makers

"Wish You Were Here!" SOLD is a Contemporary Glass Society exhibition sponsored by Mark Holford. A stunning exhibition of over 160 glass postcards

This piece was judged as The Overall Winner.

Wish You Were Here. Glass postcard exhibition


Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) Glass Medallions Exhibition. The Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge will be home to a dazzling display of glass medallions – each reflecting the artist’s unique interpretation of the Olympic medal.

My piece is optical crystal, which I have drill engraved and sandblasted with a touch of gold colour infill, worked back and front. 7.6cm dia

I chose a theme of "celebrating with a HUG" as no matter who you are, male or female, no matter what sport you do, in the end, win or lose….in this case win….you will hug or be hugged, unless you are extremely unfortunate, but somehow I cannot imagine anyone in the Olympics not having some sort of support from someone who cares.
Of course the laurel wreath was traditionally awarded to the victors in ancient Greece and so is very significant. I have taken the 5 rings representing the continents and modified their links, then multiplied the sets to 5 to make up a frame pattern which I filled with gold colour representing the highest level of achievement in each discipline.
The bulk of the engraving is into the back with the rings and year 2012 on the front.
The size of this medallion is just 7.5cm dia.
It comes in a velvet lined presentation box.

SOLD: Dan Klein & Alan J. Poole (Private Collection) @ National Museums Scotland. Edinburgh. GB.

Glass Games is part of London 2012’s Inspire Programme. International Festival of Glass.

Self Portrait, deep in thought, the autumn years. surrounded by the strength of oak and with my two children (the acorns) always in the forefront of my mind. Dartington crystal. Drill engraved and sandblasted. £750



More of my glass art for sale:



"Curiosity" SOLD

A solid lead crystal cullet, which I have hand engraved (drill) with sandblast and silver leaf, detail.
It is presently in the 2015 Exhibition of Contemporary Engraved Glass, Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, 18th May - 26th June 2015

Curiosity - engraved crystal cullet

"The Book of Forgotten Crafts" is now available, it is a stunning book about some amazing crafts in the UK,
there is a 4 page section about myself and glass engraving pages 84-87 , for which I am truely flattered and ever grateful to the authors. This book features 3 pieces presently available in the gallery : "Serendipity", " be", "Bowl of Sea" . "Delicate Deliverance"




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